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Music Festival

Thank you to all of the UpStream Songwriters for another great retreat in 2024!

Join our community of Colorado Songwriter in a weekend of writing, sharing, collaborating, opening to new ideas and inspiration, recording, and performing. 

We will be guided by Clay Rose (Gasoline Lollipops), Daniel Rodriguez, Phoebe Hunt, and Charlie Rose (Elephant Revival)

The UpStream Songwriting Retreat dives deep into the nature of songwriting as a whole and utilize the time together as a cathartic experience in channeling whatever is currently “up for you” into your writing. We will be present to the needs of the group and serve what percolates from within as we move through the process together.

Check out a scene in this clip from one of our actual group circles
Thank you to the following Nonprofits for providing scholarships to deserving songwriters!

Clay Rose

Clay Rose writes songs, he also writes his phone number on bathroom stalls. Occasionally, he will even write a futile, revolutionary sentiment on a Starbucks window. But mostly, he writes about the dream as he sees it. Sometimes it’s cherries; sometimes it’s horror. But through it all, there is the dreamer. Therefore, Clay learned to write, while lucidly dreaming his way through life. He strongly encourages you to do the same.


Daniel Rodriguez

“I’m constantly learning about the art of life and songwriting.  One thing I know is the richness of life’s experiences is to songwriting as butter is to a French cook.  Interacting with the analogue world and with human nature and nature itself are midst requisites.  Let’s uncover some songs, or at the very least some intention based launch points.”


Phoebe Hunt

The potency of a song… a channel for the inner compass to flow through. Together, let’s discover the vast expansion that occurs when deep vulnerability is allowed into a song. What happens when we share the unshareable? What opens when we allow ourselves to express our deepest truth? Let’s explore that and more together…


Charlie Rose

“Everyone has a story to tell and that story can be delivered in a song. Sometimes the music is the starting point, other times the words tell you what the song will sound like. Either way, the goal is to take the seed of inspiration and put it in the right setting and nurture it to grow into something that you’re excited to share with others."


Jason Hicks

“Every song has a story, every story has a song, and every guitar has a voice that wants to sing along.”


I'll be hosting the guitar workshop focusing on accompaniment and various ways the guitar can be used to support songs and songwriting. We'll look at aspects of technique and ways to challenge ourselves to break out of our patterns and find new ways to approach the guitar through a songs point of view.

Looking forward to it!!

9:00 am






9:00 am