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This event promotes the growth and preservation of Bluegrass and American Roots music as an original art form of American Folk Art by presenting it to a diverse audience and encouraging participation via music circles where everyone plays and learns to lead a song or follow a leader. The workshops teach how to begin in this art form or how to improve. There is a particular effort to reach out to younger generations by offering free admission to those 12 and under and discounted tickets for those 13 -22

© 2023 SnowyGrass Music Festival.

Located at 380 Community Drive, Estes Park, Colorado. (This address does not receive mail)

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What is SnowyGrass?

Beginning in 2016, this beautiful and quaint riverside music festival has filled the mountain air with the sweet sounds of Bluegrass and Americana string bands in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado. Don’t let the name fool you--it takes place in the summertime on the softest, greenest grass under a simple tent with Prospect Mountain as its backdrop. It feels like festivals used to--simple, family oriented, dog friendly, and free-spirited. Come enjoy local craft beverages, food trucks, and a welcoming community of music lovers.

"We were visiting from Kansas and love bluegrass. So glad we made plans to attend, it was so fun! The sound was perfection, and the performers were dynamite! Local beer was great too!! I truly hope we’ll be able to attend next year. Kudos!!"

--Teresa Denison-Davis

"The musicians were awesome and such a fun a friendly vibe from everyone. Loved it!"--Heather Eldridge

Becky Buller Band

Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen

The Sweet Lillies

The Way Down Wanderers

Seldom Scene

Bruce Molsky

Ray Wylie Hubbard

Special Consensus

Blue Canyon Boys

Jeremy Garrett (Infamous Stringdusters)

Daniel Rodriguez (founder Elephant Revival)

Neyla Pekarek (formerly Lumineers)

Pete & Joan Wernick

Bridget Law (Elephant Revival)

Jeff Scroggins

Clay Rose (Gasoline Lollipops)


KC Groves & Jason Hicks

Esme Patterson 

Melody Walker

Erin Youngberg

Arthur Lee Land

Bonnie Sims

The Lonesome Days

The Honey Dewdrops

Wood & Wire

Banshee Tree

Silas Herman

Wood Belly

Meadow Mountain

Cary Morin

Hunker Down

La Pompe



Ran Off the Rooster

Man About a Horse

Chain Station

The Alcapones

Aaron Walker

Jay Roemer

Willie Thomas

Matthew Wilburn Skinner

High Road Home

Man About A Horse

The Cody Sisters

Buffalo Commons

Goodnight Texas

Bonnie & The Clydes

Bottlerocket Hurricane

Dahlby & Nadine

Harmonius Wail

Artists we have worked with over the years

*SnowyGrass performers

Estes Park Lumber




More Supporters

Upstream Enterprises, LLC

UpStream Enterprises is the LLC that was formed in 2017, the year Nadine started to produce SnowyGrass. The festival was so successful and fun that Nadine wanted to do more with music events. In 2018, she decided to produce a concert at the Historic Park Theatre--one concert to try it out and see if she could succeed. In the planning stages, she realized that the energy and resources needed for one show didn't really increase too much with planning 6 shows. She did 9 starting in January 2018! The first show featured Meadow Mountain and Ran Off the Rooster. This followed with ONDA, featuring Bridgett Law (Tierro Band and founding member of Elephant Revival) and Silas Herman. More shows included: The Alcapones and Banshee Tree, Man About a Horse, Cary Morin and Matthew Wilburn Skinner, Goodnight Texas, Gypsy Jazz Fest with La Pompe, Aaron Walker, and Harmonious Wail. The Honey Dewdrops traveled in from the East Coast and were joined by Bonnie and Taylor Sims, and KC Groves. The series finished out with a bang with Ray Wylie Hubbard and Jon Pickett. Then on to the 2nd SnowyGrass! 


In the fall of 2018, after another successful festival, she started getting antsy to do more. On the 2nd weekend of February 2019, she hosted a Mountain Songwriting Retreat at Murphy's Resort in Estes Park. The one songwriter she knew she wanted to work with was Clay Rose of Gasoline Lollipops. The other main songwriting coach was Esme Patterson, formerly of Paper Bird and who has cowritten and performed with Shakey Graves. Arthur Lee Land (Great American Taxi) and Carol Lee also coached. Kicking off the retreat at a welcome reception was Johnny Miller of Lonesome Days. Clay and Esme performed an intimate Listening Show that the public could attend. ​In August 2019, UpStream Concerts produced a listening show with Jeff Scroggins and The Scroggdogs.


The Songwriting Retreat was repeated in February of 2020, with Clay returning as a coach. Charlie Rose (formerly of Elephant Revival) performed for our students at a reception dinner at Nicky's Steakhouse. We were excited to have Neyla Pekarek (formerly of The Lumineers) join us as a coach, as well as Daniel Rodriguez, founding member of Elephant Revival. The listening show performed by these artists was memorable.  

Incredibly, in August of 2020, SnowyGrass was held as a distanced, limited capacity event. It was successful in being able to pay working musicians and sound engineers who had lost so much work due to COVID 19. It also was a healing, live music experience that people seemed to need. The Songwriting Retreat did not happen in 2021 or February of 2022, but it will happen again when things are safer. Meanwhile, more SnowyGrass!

1st SnowyGrass

Cancice Mohr, of Snowy Peaks Winery, throws a party in the park behind the winery to thank her customers and support live music. 3 bands and free admission.

July, 2016

2nd SnowyGrass

In May, Nadine learns that Candice will not host another festival. In 15 minutes, Nadine realizes that she will take it on. In exactly 8 weeks, she produced SnowyGrass, completes with sponsors and a lineup of 6 bands. Free Admission, one day.

July, 2017

Concert Series

9 Shows at Park Theatre

Jan - June, 2018

3rd SnowyGrass

Friday night is added. Admission is charged for Friday. Saturday remains free admission.

July, 2018

1st Songwriting Retreat

Clay Rose, Esme Patterson, & Arthur and Carol Lee coach

Feb, 2019

4th SnowyGrass

Admission for both days.

July, 2019

Listening Show with Jeff Scroggins

August, 2019

2nd Songwriting Retreat

Clay Rose, Neyla Pekarek, and Daniel Rodriguez are coaches

Feb, 2020

5th SnowyGrass

A distanced and limited capacity is held with a meticulously planned seating chart. The stage is moved to the road.

Aug, 2020

6th SnowyGrass

It rained like crazy! But, the show went on. There is a seating chart.

July/Aug, 2021

About Us

Bluegrass jams began in the Estes Park community nearly 20+ years ago, started by a group of friends and musicians from the band, ReinTarnation. This tradition has continued on a regular basis, and is loved by locals and visitors alike.  Come celebrate bluegrass with our beautiful community!

SNOWYGRASS began in 2016 with a conversation.  Candice Mohr, of Snowy Peaks Winery, is a supporter of LIVE MUSIC in Estes Park, and is a fan of Ran Off the Rooster--a local bluegrass band. She wanted to showcase these fine musicians as well as ReinTarnation and others. As a thank you to the community for supporting her for a decade in her winery, she created a bluegrass festival! She had 3 bands, Ran Off the Rooster, ReinTarnation, and Follow the Fox on stage. Attendees were able to enjoy her wine, eat delicious food, and take in the beauty of the river. Our community of bluegrass musicians and supporters loved it so much, they hoped it would continue year after year. Thanks to our sponsors, this celebration continues. On December 11, 2023, SnowyGrass registered as a Colorado nonprofit. We are in the process of applying for 501c3 Status. 

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Past Lineups

Thank you for coming to SnowyGrass all these years!

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